Saturday, October 28, 2017

Justin's and Ambree's Wedding

My cute niece, Ambree, and her crazy hubby, Justin,
held their reception the night before they were married.
They had their formal wedding pictures taken after the ceremony, so many of the flowers were hammered for the pictures. (Notice only one groomsman has
his boutonniere for the formal pictures). That's probably something you want to consider with fresh flowers if the ceremony and reception are on different days.
This bouquet turned out so pretty.  Can you tell the hydrangea are spray painted?
And, I had lots of comments on the coral roses...again!
Everyone seems to love the Amsterdam rose!
Justin and Ambree are so cute together.  They just have way too much fun!
So happy for them, and I know they are so happy together!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Mike's and Mandy's Wedding

My niece Mandy loves succulent!  For the past couple of years,
she has reminded me that when she got married, she wanted
her bouquet to be filled with succulent! 
These pictures don't show how beautiful her bouquet turned out.
Hopefully, I can get a picture from her 
professional photographer and show it off better!
Congratulations, Mike and Mandy!  You guys make a beautiful couple!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Taylor's and Jaycee's Wedding

 Sometimes I wish I could go back in time.  I made the mistake of buying
a high gloss finish spray paint for the wine colored flowers.
Ugh...I hate it when that happens!
Still I thought these flowers turned out pretty.
I hope the bride and groom were pleased with them.
So happy for Taylor and Jaycee and wish them the best!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Thomas' and Louise's Wedding


 Lots of pink for this wedding.  Add it with shiny rhinestones
and you have the perfect flowers for a classic bride.
It was fun to do these flowers for TJ and Louise.
I wish them the best as they begin their journey.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Joe's and Katelin's Wedding


 Katelin was such an easy going bride. I think it took about fifteen minutes to
decide what she wanted, and I thought her flowers turned out so pretty.
Navy and lavender are two of my favorite colors, and I think they go together very well.
I wish she and Joe a lifetime of love and laughter!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Jed's and Candalynne's Wedding

Okay, with this being my own daughter's wedding, I will probably keep adding photos! 
I wondered if I would be too stressed to do flowers with everything else 
the mother of the bride needs to worry about on her daughter's wedding day,
 but we made it thanks to the help of my family and friends!  
Luckily, it was all pretty simple to do with the exception of the flower girls floral crowns,
but they were silk so I was able to do them ahead of time. Whew!
(And they all looked darling with them on their heads).
Glad to have you part of the family, Jed.  Love you both more than all the stars!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Brandon's and Jessica's Wedding

Apparently, I missed getting a picture of the corsages I did for this wedding.
They were super cute, but not as cute as this couple.
Jessica has always had a bubbly personality 
and I think daisies perfectly fit that personality!
She loves to hunt with her dad, so the camo vests and veil did not surprise me.
This was a fun wedding to do flowers for, 
and I couldn't be more happy for Brandon and Jessica!