Sunday, April 10, 2016

Syracuse High Prom 2016

Here's a small sample of what I did for Syracuse High's Prom.
For many of the kids, it was their last school formal.
It's been a pleasure to do your flowers for you!

Flowers for Brenda


I knew I had a busy week with a wedding and Prom, but when my friend, Carla,
called and asked if I could do the flowers for her youngest sister's funeral,
I couldn't say no.  Brenda loved daisies, so I tried to use them in all of the arrangements.
 I think I had angels helping me out on this one!


Adam's and Kiera's Wedding


It's always a bit stressful when the flowers you ordered don't come in!
We had to scramble to find the lavender roses. But, ahhhh, lavender roses!
Have I said how much I love them?  Hopefully the bride was pleased!
Congratulations to Adam and Kiera!