Friday, July 27, 2012

Kit's and Rachel's Bridals

When Rachel asked me to do her flowers, she told me she wasn't too picky on the design. 
 She showed me a variety of bouquets and they all had one thing in common...Stargazer lilies. (They are beautiful).  I had not yet attempted a cascading bouquet, and figured this would be a great opportunity when I knew I had a bride that
 would be happy with almost anything. 
 I was a little nervous to try, but surprisingly, it wasn't too hard to do!  
The thing I was most stressed about was the boutonniere.
 I had to get a little creative because these lilies are HUGE!
  I couldn't get a small lily to open, so I took the smallest bloom of the bunch
 and removed three of the petals.  It was still a very large boutonniere,
 but I hope it worked okay.  It was a pleasure to do these flowers, 
and I hope I can come close to duplicating it for their wedding day! 
 Thanks to Alexa for holding the bouquet while I took the picture!