Friday, August 31, 2012

Information for School Dance Flowers

 Here is infomation on school dance flowers if you order from me:

Please order at least one week before the dance.
 (Special orders should be in a few days sooner).  I am limited as to how many
orders I can fill (I'm in this all by myself!), so the sooner you let me know,
the more likely I'll be able to help you. 
Boutonnieres--starting at $7.50 (plus tax)
This will be a basic boutonniere with a red or white rose, greenery, and some filler.
Anything extra you might want (ribbon added to the stem, different flower or color of rose, etc.) will be an additional charge.  Let me know what you want and I will price it out for you.
Wrist Corsages--starting at $18.00 (plus tax)
This will be a basic wrist corsage with red or white roses, greenery, filler, and ribbon.
Again, any extra "bling" or a different type of flower or color of rose
 will need to be priced out.
Just let me know what you want and I'll try to keep it as affordable as possible.
Pin-on Corsage--starting at $16.00 (plus tax)
 Same information as wrist corsages applies.

Couples who order together will receive a 5% discount.
 I also am offering a "group date" discount of 10% if you order with
 3 or more of your friends.
 (This can be 4 corsages or 4 boutonnieres, or a combination of both).
Be sure to mention your date's name,
or the names of all who are in your group,
so i can make sure to give you your discount.

 I deliver the flowers and if ordering in a group, all flowers
 will be delivered to one location.
 If you live within a 7 mile radius of my home, delivery is free.
 There is a $2.00 delivery fee for those who live farther.
(Additional fee if you live more than 15 miles from my home).
Homecoming Schedule
Syracuse High School--Saturday, September 22nd
Layton High School--Saturday, September 15th
Clearfield High School--Saturday, October 6th
Northridge High School--Saturday, September 22nd

Please call me at 801-774-5338 or e-mail me at
Please include your name, address, phone number,
 date and time you need flowers, and color of dress or tie.
(make this specific--for example, turquoise, baby blue, royal blue, etc.
 rather than just blue).

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kit's and Rachel's Bridals, Part 2

When I dropped off the flowers for Christopher's and Rachel's wedding,
I saw the pictures from their bridal portraits and thought they were beautiful.  
They were gracious enough to share some of their pictures with me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bridgette's Dad's Funeral

My sister-in-law's father was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident last Thursday. 
My mom asked if I would do a spray for the grave, but then decided that
a pretty bouquet would be nice.  I haven't done many floral arrangements in a vase, 
but I hope the family will enjoy these flowers.
  My love and prayers go out to the Judd family.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Christopher's and Rachel's Wedding

I've decided I really love lilies and roses together, but I learned that lilies are unpredictable.  I had to switch gears for the bridesmaids bouquets, but I thought they turned out darling.  Thanks Christopher and Rachel, (and Stacey), for letting me do your flowers!