Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Flowers for Rita

I was asked by the grand-daughters of a very dear lady who passed
away if I could make some corsages and boutonnieres for her
children and their spouses that they could wear on the day of her funeral.
The family sent a picture of the casket spray, and the carnations
in that photo looked to be more of a hot pink.  I could not found 
a hot pink carnation, and bought the only pink carnations I could find.
Well, when I saw the casket spray, they had used the same carnation I had found!
I love it when things like that happen.  I felt it was a bit of a tender mercy.
It would not have mattered if the carnations didn't match, but it was just
something that made me happy since I can be a little bit of a perfectionist
when it comes to matching!  I felt very privileged to have been asked 
to do these flowers.  Rita was a wonderful woman who
set a wonderful example for so many!

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