Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Goodbye Gift For Mrs. Cazier


My daughter has been part of a very close-knit Madrigal Choir group this year,
and at the beginning of February, our high school choir teacher announced
she would be retiring at the end of the school year!  We didn't like that news!
Mrs. Cazier is one of the most patient, kind-hearted teachers you could ever know,
and we will miss her terribly.

Her Madrigals wanted to present her with some special gifts, one of those
being a bouquet of 30 roses, a rose from each of the 30 Madrigals.
They were going to present the bouquet on the evening of a farewell banquet
that's held every year toward the end of the school year.
When I order roses, I order in bunches of 25, which meant I would need
to order 2 bunches and have 20 extra roses.  The Madrigal group
consists of juniors and seniors, 16 of which are seniors.
I e-mailed Mrs. Cazier and told her I would have some extra roses from an "event"
 that I was doing flowers for, and I could bring them to place on the tables
as centerpieces. After my daughter presented the roses to Mrs. Cazier,
she announced that the seniors could each take one of the roses from the tables.
I could see that they were very surprised by that.  It's fun to surprise people with flowers!

My daughter came home from school yesterday and said that Mrs. Cazier just 
kept going on and on about the flowers and how much she loved them!
They're called Pink Akito.  I love them, too!

We wish Mrs. Cazier the very best in all that she does!  I'm so grateful
3 of my kids got to have her as their choir teacher.

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